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Written by Dickie Bush and Nicolas Cole, the creators of 🚢 Ship 30 for 30 – the cohort-based writing course that has helped over 4,000 writers start writing online.

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Framework 1. Demolish The 7 Problems Holding You Back From Writing OnlineFramework 2. 4 Ways To Never Run Out Of Ideas (Using The Endless Idea Generator)Framework 3. How To Craft Irresistible Headlines (Without Clickbait)Framework 4. How To Format To Keep Your Reader's Attention (Hint: Your Competition Is Netflix)Framework 5. How To Stand Out In Your Niche (With The Tequila Test)Framework 6. BONUS: Viral Twitter Thread Crash CourseFramework 7. BONUS: How To Position Yourself As An Authority (Even If You're A Beginner)Framework 8. BONUS: (Advanced) How To Create Your Own Category